PayTan is the Payroll software developed by Habari Node PLC. Also,  It has the option to integrate with Human Resource Management System used to keep employee biodata. Furthermore, the payroll has many unique features including inbuilt NetPay calculator and automated user backup.

You can get PayTan by either accessing a trial from the home page of or by contacting us and filling in the “Request for quotation” page available on the Pricing page.

YES, PayTan is in a module form. You can just buy a Payroll Module or any other sub-module that you specifically need. Other Modules/products such as the following below:

  1. Payroll Software module for salary manipulation and records
  2. Human Management Software module for keeping employee biodata.
  3. Customizable module

Even more, free trial gives the user all features and functionality available in a licensed system. Also, It has some row data for testing.

With the increasing adoption of e-business technology to create new levels of interconnection between key areas of business around the globe PayTan now gives you access to a range of e-HR functionality through a web-based interface.

PayTan is able to generate statutory reports as per your local country and your requirements. Please contact us in case you are in need of any customizations. The price for customization is very cheap.

PayTan has Dynamic tax tables which allow Changes of tax table at any period and at any time. Users are able to change the tax table calculations on their own.

YES, PayTan supports multiple bank accounts per employee for salary remittances.