Welcome to the best payroll Tanzania (East Africa) software

PayTan is an East Africa’s complete payroll software that solves all your payroll related issues. It has a complete payroll Tanzania & Kenya solutions that automate all your payroll processes, configure your payroll data, and leave the rest to PayTan software. It saves you lots of time you spend fixing your payroll issues and calculation.

The software designed with at most flexibility and has an option for customisation based on your requirements. The software features meet the standard based on payroll Tanzania and Kenya, also satisfies salary calculation requirements.

You can pay your employee for every hour of overtime they work. Also, you can cut pay for the deduction they overdue. Furthermore, with PayTan you can manage your employee’s biodata, leave applications, allows employees to apply for leave online, you can do appraisals with dynamic appraisals questions setting, performance monitoring and evaluation of your employees.

This is what you need for your daily organisation activities especially in Finance and accounts and Human Resources.

PayTan – Payroll Tanzania (East Africa) Software Make It Easy!